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COMO DE LA FAMILIA | Paolo Giordano


COMO DE LA FAMILIA | Paolo Giordano


Living in Transit: being in motion is an actual condition. Movement is real. Moreover, it is essential because it concerns kinetic events. We can insistently perceive that everything changes and moves. All living beings undergo experiences revealing flows, adaptations, and becomings. Quotidian experiences testify to that. Directly or indirectly, we face reality's movements all the time. Atoms move. Planets move. Animals move. Rivers move. Trees move. Technology moves. Economy moves. The State moves. And people move. The ontological assertion that reality is all about beings in motion has an anthropological side that must be considered. We indeed live in times highly defined by movement and change. As we have said, everything moves. It is inevitable to perceive and face movement and change. For that reason, it is essential to ethically assess our human role in changing living scenarios and dynamic beings.

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